15 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your 2022 Strategy

Facebook as a marketing tool certainly doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone in 2022. On the world’s largest social platform, countless companies, businesses and customers communicate with each other every day, and with the right strategy, you too can get your share of these interactions. You’re sure you’re already familiar with the basics of Facebook […]

Why did TikTok conquer the Internet?

With more than one billion daily active users, TikTok is one of the largest and most up-to-date social platforms in the world. But why has this once-unknown app seemingly competed with Instagram and other titans overnight? To answer this question, TikTok itself asked Nielsen to find out the secret to the platform’s success as part of […]

Problems and solutions of health data analysis

in today’s modern world, healthcare providers are aware that detailed knowledge of data is a prerequisite for informed clinical decision-making. However, many organizations still face the challenge of using data analysis tools effectively. So why is it worthwhile to deal with health data analysis and what problems does it offer solutions to different providers and […]

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