5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic
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5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your Website

Are you looking for 5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your website? Then here, you can get the ultimate guide related to free traffic on your site.

Hi, If you are reading this article then. Of course, you have a blog or personal website. And you just newly started this blog. You’re posting Quality content on your website. But still, you are not getting traffic on your website. Then, Don’t worry In this article. I explained A to Z to drive more traffic on your website.

Now, you are very worried & nervous about your blog. because you invested your money to buy Hosting and domain to start a blog and earn money online. But, Unforylenly you started your blog but not getting traffic on your website. You did not earn a single cent from your site. In Sha Allah, after reading this entire article you’ll able to drive more traffic on your website. Stay connected with us till the end. Lets began with my Intro.

Hi, Everyone Hope you all are fine. Today, in this article. I’ll tell you how you can drive more traffic on your website easily in 2020. These tactics to increase your do not get millions of traffic on your website. but the which you’ll drive from these tactics will much for you. That can help you to increase your revenue from Google AdSense. Are you ready lets began the5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic.

5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your Website


  • On-Page SEO

Do you know what is On-Page SEO? that’s great. If you don’t know then, let me know in the comment section should I write an article on “What is On-Page SEO. Then I’ll write a dedicated article on this topic.

Now, Before doing On-Page you must have quality content of which you’ll do on-page SEO or you can say Quality Content is part of On-Page SEO. On-Page Included proper usage of H1, H2, H3, Image Optimization, short paragraph, Choose best SEO Title, etc.

Now, you’ll ask me how we can drive traffic with on-page SEO. I’ll answer you that it increase the organic traffic that you are driving from Google. So, please don’t skip this step. And the other 9 tactics are only about to increase your traffic.

5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your Website

Before doing any step to increase your website traffic. Please first focus on your content’s on-page SEO. That also makes a good structure for your website. that will help you to decrease your site’s bounce rate. I hope you did On-Page SEO of your available content.


  • Answering Question on Quora

Quora is the most used Question & Answer website. That is now very popular for asking question answers. From aside, you can say it like a social media website. Now, Quora getting millions of traffic. And using those traffic your an also increase your traffic by answering people’s questions on Quora.

How to Drive Traffic from Quora?

Getting Traffic from Quora is not a new thing or not rocket science. It is also the most commonly used method to drive more traffic o your blog. But don’t know about it and don’t know how they can drive traffic from Quora.

First of all your required a Quora Account. Then you’ll able to do questions & answers on Quora. After creating an account. you have to follow some popular categories and pages on Quora. There, People ask you questions. You have to answer their question mentioning your article or website link in your answer.

That will not get too much traffic to your website. But the little bot traffic you get from Quora will be much traffic for you. And can easily boost your ranking on Google. Because Quora is an authority website.

5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your Website from Quora

If people like your answer they will upvote your answer. And Quora will suggest your answer as a recommendation answer. And your answers will rank at the top of all the answers. Secondly, you can ask your question on Quora mentioning your site link.

But in start time in Quora. you should prevent to mention your website link in Questions and answers. After some days and answering some questions. Then you should start to mention your site links with your answers. And always try to write your own answers and quality answers that people like. Did you like this article 5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic? Let me know in the comment section.


  • Medium

Medium is an online Content publishing platform. Where you can publish your unique articles and can drive traffic for anything. Medium is a High Authority Website it works like a guest posting site but it completely free. You do not require any subscribe to us. Using Medium you can also earn money by joining Medium Partner Program.

5 Proven Tactics to drive traffic from medium

How to drive traffic from Medium?

First of all, you have to create a medium account. Then you can publish content on Medium. Using Medium you can publish your content on medium using two ways. First is Import Content from your website to medium and post.

The second way is to write your own content in Medium Manually. To increase your medium read and views. you should write more content on medium. And join some famous and niche-related communities in Medium. While Publishing Choose your niche related communities and you can choose 5 tags to rank your medium content. Medium’s Cam is easily ranked in Google.

Then you can interlink your website with your medium content or post. Then people will click on your internal links. You should use your almost 3 links in your medium content. Don’t use too many links in your medium content. To increase your medium content readability. Did you like today’s article 5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic?


  • Pins at Pinterest

Pinterest is a famous Image, GFs, Video sharing website ora application where you can pin your images& videos, etc. Pining your article at Pinterest is the most commonly used way to drive traffic on your website.

In Pinterest, you have to create an account on Pinterest. Then you need to pin your content at Pinterest. Then many people will click on Pins and come to your website. That can boost your website ranking in Google Search Engine.

Pinterest is a high authority website which’s traffic is very valuable for a website to get an initial boost. It can help you to boost your website traffic. Don’t forget to pin your article that you are publishing on your website. To drive more traffic on your website

Then you should create your own board and then put your pins on this board. Creating your own boards can become a good source to get more visitors to your Pinterest. And then people will redirect from Pinterest Pin to your Website.


  • Social Signal

If your website is at the initial stage then You should get traffic from Social media. If you start getting traffic from Social media then its called social signal for you. Social Traffic gives you an initial boost in your website traffic.

Now, Many people things that Social traffic may become the cause of an issue called ads limited in Google AdSense. Then they all are wrong. I’m also getting traffic from social media. But still, I’ve not faced any issue.

If you are in fear that If you’ll get traffic from Google and You’ll face ads limited issue in your Google AdSense. Then sorry to say brother you are completely wrong in this case. You should read Ranking in Traffic factors of Google for better understanding. That was the 5 Tactics to increase your traffic.


That was the 5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic to your website. I hope you liked it. I tried to share these 5 tactics in-depth with you. Now, It’s your turn to show your support on this article by Leaving a Lovely comment for us in the comment section do share this with your blogger friends.

If you are really not getting Traffic initially from Google then. I think you must apply these 5 Proven Tactics to Drive More Traffic on your website. These 5 Tactics of increasing your traffic may boost your traffic. Goodbye, Take Care


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