Google AdSense Approval 2020
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Google AdSense Approval 2020 – Free Trick

Google AdSense Approval 2020

I know, you are looking for an article that could help to get AdSense approval on your website. But, still, you did not get any real and best article such that, Google AdSense Approval.

Then, Don’t worry users. Here, Today in this article, we’ll explain a good case study of Adsense approval. And, We’ll tell you how we are getting approval and how you can get approval. Stay Connected, Read the entire article.

How to get AdSense Approval in 1 minute?

 It is almost impossible to get Google AdSense Approval only in 1 minute. If you are getting in one minute then you may be a magician, (Just Kidding). Still, I did not get any way to get AdSense Approval in 1 minute.
I give you some tips to get AdSense Approval in 2020. If you really have a trick on how to get AdSense approval only in 1 minute. Then please don’t forget to leave in the comment section. I’ll try to apply on my other websites to get AdSense approval. 
I already wrote an article on this topic AdSense Approval Trick 2020. You can also visit this article. But this article has been old. Now I wrote again article AdSense Approval 2020. Hope you’ll like it. 
If you really enjoyed and liked this article. Then please don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. So, they also able to get AdSense approval.

AdSense Approval Trick 2020

If you got disapproval on your website again & again. Don’t worry, it is not a problem. But You have to follow the steps or tips. That I told you below.
Believe me, If you’ll read this entire post, Then I hope that you’ll get approval in the next first attempt.

Basic Setting to get AdSense Approval 2020

If you’re beginner, and you don’t know what is the first step. Then I think, you should read our Detailed post on this topic AdSense Approval 2020.
Here, I shared some important steps and tips to get approval. But I wrote a full detailed article “AdSense Approval Trick 2020“. You can also read this AdSense Approval in 2020. 


Here, I’ll tell you not in-depth. But I think that things, I told you that may help you a lot to get approval. I’ll tell you the basic settings to get AdSense Approval. 
If you want to read the FAQs about Google AdSense, Then you can read our second article on this topic. I explained the full procedure from a to z for approval. I wrote everything about Google AdSense in-depth.

These are the basic steps that you should follow. Before applying for approval. Please don’t skip any one single step. If you already applied these on your website.

Then make sure that you had followed all the steps. If you checked and you had followed but still. You didn’t get approval, Then reapply and wait. In Sha Allah, you’ll get the AdSense Approval.

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The basic process to get AdSense Approval 2020

  • User Interface

You should use SEO, Google AdSense, Mobile, and Desktop Friendly Theme for your on your website. This one-step also attracts your user. And also Google things that your website is properly designed.

  • Content

How many articles you wrote on your website. I’ll recommend you to write almost 20+ articles with having each one 1000+ words. You should write 10,000+ words Quality & Unique on your website entire website including your pages, posts, etc. 

Keep in your mind “Content is the King’. For SEO and for AdSense Approval.

  • Custom Domain Name (TLD)

I hope you already know that. Google Adsense is doing his term, privacy, policies, and conditions harder than harder. Nowadays to get Google AdSense Approval 2020 is becoming very hard. You may are be facing a lot of errors.

TLD stands for Top-Level Domains that inclueds .com .org .net .uk .pk .in .edu, etc. You can choose any one TLD domain.

  • Quality & Unique Content

Now, you’ll ask what is Quality & Unique Content. Firstly, Unique content is can be defined as Your handwritten content on your website is called Unique Content. 

Never copy content from another website. It is almost impossible to get AdSense approval with copied content from other websites.

If you want free Quality & Unique content for your website and get AdSense approval. Then I thought you should read this post.

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  • Navigations & Menu

While creating or designing your Website. Don’t forget to create responsive and user-friendly Navigation & Menu
  • Mandatory Pages;

I wrote Mandatory on this step Because Google (may) Disapprove your website. if you have not created About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap, Disclaimer, and privacy policy pages. 
I wrote also this on how to get mandatory pages for your blog. Then you can read this post.
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  • Pictures

If your used images in your blog are your self created images. Then you can skip this step. But If your all images are copied to Downloaded from Google without any rights. Then.
You should replace these images into your made images. Or you can use the copyrighted free images from these websites.
  • Google AdSense policies

Now, You have done everything that I told you. Now, You should read Google AdSense Term & Policies before applying for Google Adsense. You may get any extra tips to get approval faster.
Make sure that Now, Your website follows Google AdSense’s term and policies then you can apply without any fear of rejection.

How to Apply for Google AdSense 2020

Now, You did everything. Now, Time to apply for Google AdSense Approval. You should follow some steps to Apply properly for Google AdSense.

While applying for Google AdSense Approval in 2020. You should enter your website’s full address or you should copy your website address directly from Blogger or WordPress using View Page Button.


You should use not use any had already used address in your (applying) Google AdSense account. Enter a unique address. You can also Enter your friends’ or anyone’s address.


I tried my best, to provide you the best way to get AdSense approval. Now, your turn please show your support.

I hope you really enjoyed Google AdSense Approval 2020. What were the steps that I had used in my previous websites to get Google AdSense Approval in 2020?

Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. This may also helpful for them.

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