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AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website 2020 – Free Trick

AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website

If you are trying to get AdSense approval on lyrics website. But you did not get Adsense approval on your lyrics website. You are looking for an AdSense Approval trick.

Lyrics website Adsense Approval trick

I know, You are facing a lot of rejection & problems after getting Adsense approval reply. But you are getting the same error after reply.

Don’t worry, Believe me. After reading this article you’ll able to get approval on your lyrics website without any problem. You just required to follow these steps.

My Smart Method to AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website 2020

Today, In this article I explained my experience. How I get Adsense approval on my lyrics website. And how you can get AdSense approval on your lyrics website. I shared my methods to get AdSense approval on lyrics website.

If you are thinking that, I’ll share my lyrics website there for you then you are right. I’ll also share my lyrics website. in which I got Adsense approval. You can follow or design the same website as my lyrics website to get AdSense to get adsense approval on lyrics websiteIf you reached here while reading this article. Then don’t forget to read some FAQs about the Lyrics website. That may be very beneficial for you. It may help you to start a lyrics website.

First of All, I wanna say you something, If you are at the beginner level. And You want AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website. You don’t know the basic steps to get AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website. Then I‘ll recommend you first all you should read the following articles.

Because in these articles we explained everything to AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website or on any other website. Then you should come to this article..

How I get AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website

If you already read these two articles. or You just come back again from AdSense Approval Trick 2020 then well and Good. Make sure that, You implement all things that I told in my Two previous articles. And now you want to get AdSense approval..

And You created the all mandatory pages navigation, Menu, etc. That I told you in previous articles. If your website is on Blogger then You Should use Palki 2 Theme. Then In Sha Allah you’ll able to get AdSense Approval on lyrics website.

That I used in my lyrics website. Then you’ll get AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website, then you can transfer your website from Blogger to WordPress.

If Your website is already on WordPress then. You should use Cream magazine Theme on your WordPress website. Cream Magazine Theme is AdSense, SEO, and Mobile Friendly for WordPress. You can download these themes freely from any website.

My Lyrics Website in which I got AdSense Approval

Now, You’ll ask me where is my lyrics website. My Lyrics website is hope you had already seen this in Google Search Engine. If You are using Blogger for your Lyrics website.

Then You Should visit my Lyrics website and implement the same things. In your Blogger lyrics website that I implemented to get AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website. And you can also see that, How I wrote an article on my lyrics article. how I gave credits on my lyrics website.

How to write articles on Lyrics Website?

I also told you how you can write articles on the lyrics website. This part will be very useful to you. If you don’t know then keep reading.
I know,
You are writing the articles on your website like this, Just copy the lyrics of the song from any website then paste it into your website. And gave some song’s credits.
And put the lyrics into your articles and put an image and a song video into your lyrics article. Then it’s completely wrong.

My smart method to writing an article on lyrics website.

When you start posting the song lyrics articles on your website.

First of all. Choose a newly released song on which you are going to post on your website. 

Always try to write the song lyrics first of all that is released a few minutes or hours ago. It will help you to get more traffic to your lyrics article.

Now, You’ll say that the lyrics of the song that your competitor wrote and the lyrics you’ll write will be the same.

No, This is wrong thinking, Because if you’ll write the lyrics of the same song. The song lyrics will be unique to the other. 

Spelling Mistakes

Because they may write the other spellings of the words (of the Lyrics). You maybe write the other or Unique spellings of the words (of the lyrics). I hope you’ll understand.

Then You should never copy the lyrics from any other website. Don’t worry, how much time takes to write a song’s lyrics, Please don’t copy the lyrics from another website. Write your own lyrics it can also boost your website ranking in Google Search Engine.

Don’t forget to give the song credits into your lyrics article.
Now, turn off the song’s credits.

When you start giving the song credits like Singer, Music by, Edited by, Director, Writer, etc. You should create a Table in your lyrics article. Same as I created in my lyrics article. Check Here.

Now, Turn of images & videos. You can also put the same image and video into your lyrics article from YouTube.

But I’ll recommend that. You should make a YouTube channel and make a video on song lyrics. Then you can use this video into your lyrics article. and You should also try to create your own images and use them in your lyrics article.

Write something about the song. Means write a small content of 150+ words about the song. You can write in the paragraph that what is happened in the song, etc. As Google Always prefers the website those have unique and more content. that was the method How I write an article on my lyrics website.

How many articles we should write to get Adsense approval?

If you want to as How many articles I wrote on my lyrics website to get AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website then. The answer is 80+. I wrote almost 80+ song lyrics when I apply for Adsense approval. And I got AdSense Approval in my first try (Alhamdullilah).
I’ll recommend you that, You should write almost 50+ songs lyrics. Then you should apply for Google AdSense Approval.

FAQs about Lyrics Website

1) Can we get AdSense Approval on the Lyrics website?

Ans) Yes, You can easily get AdSense Approval on your website easily. By following our smart method.

2) Is a lyrics website is legal?

Ans) Yes, It is completely legal the lyrics website.

3) Is the Lyrics website work permanently?

Ans) No, Because, in the future, Google AdSense could change their term & conditions or rules for the lyrics website. But you can continue your work it may be not changed.
You can change your Ad Network on your website. If the Google AdSense change in their Rules or Term & Conditions for the lyrics websites.

4) Should we copy the song lyrics?

Ans) No, You should not copy the lyrics. Because Google always ranks websites that have their own content.

5) How to rank lyrics article?

Ans) Write Your Own Lyrics, This is the smart method using this you can easily rank your website. 

6) Are backlinks important to rank your lyrics website?

Ans) No, Backlinks are not important to rank your lyrics website. But you can create Back links to rank faster on Google. but the backlinks should be Quality Backlinks.


That was the method For Adsense approval on Lyrics website that, I had used in my lyrics website to get AdSense Approval. I hope you liked it and please don’t forget to share this article with your family & friends.
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