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AdSense Approval Trick – Free Trick 2020

AdSense Approval Trick 2020

AdSense Approval Trick 2020, Hi Everyone, I know you are looking for How you can get AdSense Approval on your website faster without any issue, Today on this article,

I will completely Explain to you how you can properly apply for Google AdSense for your blog/website. Here is the ultimate guide for AdSense Approval Trick.

 You should read this entire article without skipping any sentence or paragraph. If you really want to get Google AdSense Approval on your website then you can follow our these steps, and You should also create all the page that you have required to get AdSense Approval Trick in 2020.

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 Nowadays AdSense Approval Trick becoming hard day by day, And Google Also keeps changes in its policies day by day, So we should also keep updated with AdSense Policies.

I hope guys you will like my article and You should share this article with your families and friends as they also became able to get Google AdSense Approval on their Blogs/Website.

Get AdSense Approval faster

Before starting you should remember some condition to get AdSense Approval, You should keep patient after applied for Google AdSense Approval, You should keep doing work on your website until you got Google AdSense Approval,

I also Got Adsense Approval on my website very hard and you can also use Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Online Earning from your online blog/website.

You should keep continues your work on your blog until you got Google AdSense Approval. I know many people left doing work on their blog/website as they haven’t got AdSense Approval so guys you should not do this. We hope that you’ll share this article AdSense Approval Trick with your friends.

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 You should keep continuing your work on the blog/website. Also, many people think that they will start doing proper work on their website after getting Adsense approval on their website, Guys you should not do this, Because Google AdSense is not a single way to earn money from a website.

Get Google AdSense Approval Faster on your Website

You can also use many best alternates to the AdSense to server Ads on your website and earn money, such as MEDIAdotNET, PROPELLERads, and Infolinks, etc. I saw many big websites still they are not using Adsense on their website because they can easily generate the best revenue from other website’s earning sources than Google AdSense.

If you already got Google AdSense Approval on your website then you can read more other articles as you already got it. I already have written many articles about Blogger/Wordpress, I will tell you some important steps that are very important and before applying for Google AdSense Approval You should follow it.

How you can get Google AdSense Approval on your website?

Hi, Everyone My Name is Muhammad Haseeb and today in this article. I will tell you how you can get Google AdSense Approval on your website faster than before. I know you come there after reading the many fake/spam article (Maybe Real). 

But you don’t have to get any real way to get approval faster. There is no way to get Google AdSense Approval on your website without doing hard work. So guys don’t worry today in this article I will explain to you. You should read this entire article, If you really want to get AdSense Approval on your website, so stay tuned.

Get Google AdSense Approval on your website?

Follow these steps to get AdSense approval faster. Here is AdSense Approval Trick 2020

Let’s start AdSense Approval Trick

  • Custom Domin Name/Extension

If you don’t know what is custom domain then you can read this article on my website. 
A domain name is simply the website name that you wants to like my website domain name is TechyPakistan, Now you said what is an extension, Extension is a domain that may be .com, .pk, .in, .uk, .org, .edu that is attached with your domain name,

 These both make a Domain like my website is as you can see it is very premium looking and it is called custom Domain

As you already know blogger provides you an in-built free hosting and a free domain extension that is but getting approval on this domain is very hard and to rank, this website is very hard, 

So If you want to get AdSense Approval Faster then you should use a custom domain name according to your niche, For example, If I want to create a website for Health then.

AdSense Approval Trick 2020

I can choose HEALTHHUBdotCOM domain, Like this, you can choose your domain name, Google clearly mentioned in their policies that. A custom domain name is very important to get AdSense Approval.

But If you are going to start work on WordPress but WordPress doesn’t provide you free hoisting or any free domain. Let me know in the comment section did you like this article AdSense Approval Trick? 

 You should start your work using a blogger because it is free. Before making your website Go and Buy a Custom Domain Name for your website according to your niche/Category. I hope you had shared this article AdSense Approval Trick your friends.

  • Light Theme

As you know, What is the light theme and what is the Responsive theme, If you don’t know then you can also search it on Google. Always Before applying for your Google AdSense, You should use Light, Mobile Friendly, Desktop Friendly, and SEO Friendly theme, It is very important to AdSense Approval Trick.

Because Google Also analyzes your website’s Quality/Theme. If you will not do it for them Google Maybe show a Templated Page Error in your Google AdSense Reply. If you don’t have any Responsive theme for your website then you can read my responsive theme’s Article on my website, To get AdSense Responsive theme.

  • Content/Images

I always tell you that content is the king in SEO or in getting Google AdSense Approval, Before applying for approval on your website. You should write a minimum of 30 Articles with 1000+ words. If you already wrote it then a Great Job

Sir, Then you also you should keep this thing in your mind If you already wrote your 30+ Articles but you all wrote like a paragraph then its wrong. Can I ask you did you liked this article AdSense Approval Trick?

 Always Use proper images and a minimum of 3 Images in your every article, And don’t copy or Download Images from Google, You should create your own images then upload it If you don’t have any source to take your picture.

This you can use Copyright Free Images you can easily get it from any websites such as Pixaby Pexels, and Unsplash, etc. These all website provides you copyright Free images.

ou should also give proper Title, Proper Meta description, Proper Labels, Proper permalink, Proper Main Heading.
 Proper Subheading, and Proper minor heading, etc. As you can see in my article. I gave proper headings and used proper images in my all articles. 

And also give proper ALT and Title Text to the image and also gave them proper Captions for better ranking/SEO. The main Heading is called H2, Subheading called H3 and minor heading called H4 in Blogger. You should not copy content from any other website.


  • Write in Google AdSense Supported Languages?

Before applying for Google AdSense, Make sure that. the language that you had used in your website and in your content, Is Google AdSense supported this language.

Check FAQs to know that AdSense Approval Trick, which languages does the google accepts. If you’ll write the content in a language that Google AdSense does not support. Then Google does not understand your content. Google’s Crawlers may reject your Google AdSense Application.
  • Proper Main Menu/Links/Favicon

Before Applying for Google AdSense Approval. You should always proper main menu, According to your website niche/category. Don’t make any extra menu on your website that doesn’t match your website niche/content. And Also give proper links to your Main Menu.

According to the text that you have given in Menu. Always use a minimum of 3 Social Media links on your website, and gave them your real Social Media links not fake links, You should not leave any Menu/Label/Category without a link.

 I know many peoples left to give links to the Menus and to give links to the Social media icon. So keep in your mind that is also plays a very important role in getting Google AdSense Approval on your website/blog.

What is main Menu


Also, many peoples forget to set Favicon on their website, If you don’t know what is favicon then you can see in the picture what is a favicon, Favicon is a pic of 512*512 that is your website icon, It appears.

When you open your website at the left corner of the chrome tab. Now, I hope you understand what is a favicon. You can easily create it using any image editor. But the favicon must be the size of 512*512.

You can also use any already created favicon on your website. And please don’t add extra Gadgets on your website. You should only keep some basic Gadgets such as Categories Gadgets, Popular Posts Gadgets, and Recent Posts gadgets, Instead of this you should not use any other waste gadgets on your website so keep it in your mind.

What is Favicon of website
What is Favicon
  • Third-Party Ads Network

When you are going to Apply For Google AdSense on your website. You should not enable any third party Ads Network on your website for Online earning.
Then Google maybe rejects your website. If you already set any third-party ad network on your website before getting AdSense approval, Then don’t worry You should simply remove all ads codes of third-party ads network or Turn OFF the ads from these ads network.


 Then after getting your Google AdSense Approval, you can easily again use this third-party ad network on your website. During getting AdSense Approval the Google Doesn’t allow you to use any other ad network. You can also get Media .net or any other ad network approval after getting Google AdSense Approval.


  • Organic Traffic

If you had written quality content. and fulfill all the requirements for google Adsense approval. Then I think you need Organic Traffic on the website. If you write quality content. Then It will automatically start to get traffic from Google. You should do proper SEO of Your Articles.


  • Important Pages

There are some important pages that are really very important to get Google AdSense Approval or play a vital role in Adsense Approval Trick 2020. If you will not create these pages then this is impossible to get Google AdSense Approval on your website.


I will tell you the page’s names and also tell you how you can create these mandatory pages. Please always use these all pages at the Top Header menu or at the bottom footer menu, This looks very responsive just like my site, I set my these pages at the top of the header menu, 


And After getting Google AdSense Approval you should not remove these important pages from your website, That ar very mandatory Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Sitemap. Remaining pages you can remove after getting AdSense Approval, If you want
Google Adsense Approval Trick

1:- About us Page

About us, pages tell to the user what you are providing on your website, and who are you, and why you started this website, This page plays a very important role to getting Adsense approval, You can easily create your about us page, 

You can create yourself, You should write on this page, that. What is your name, What is your passion and what is your age, etc? And Why you started this website. Should I write more articles like this AdSense Approval Trick?

And what you are providing there on this website, You can also create this page from any third party website, You can easily create this page from this website Volusion. You should write a minimum of 100-150 words on this page.

2:- Contact us Page

Contact us page allows your users to contact you If they have any queries. As you can see now every single website has its own Contact Us page, They know that many peoples/users of their website want to contact them for any promotion/quarry

 Contact Us page is mandatory for getting Google AdSense Approval. There are two ways to create Contact us Page, Firstly You can easily write 150+ wors about your contact details such as Office Address, Mobile Number, Fax Number, and Contact Email. Then simply PUBLISH it. You can also use fake information there.

But recommend you should enter your correct information, Secondly, You can create an HTML contact us Form for your website, There you will ask your users for their First Name, Last name, Email, Phone number,

Their Website, and Their Message/Quarry, as you can see in the image, Using this website 123formbuilder you can create your Contact us form. WordPress has many plugins to create contact us form, But for a blogger, you need to create an HTML Contact Us Form then paste it in Blogger Page.
Contact us page example
Contact us page

3:- Disclaimer Page

In the Disclaimer page, you should explain about you and about the products that are available on your website, You should write this page of 800+ words. I recommend you to create this page using this auto Disclaimer generator website

The complete guide for AdSense Approval Trick

This website Disclaimer Generator will provide you high-quality Disclaimer Page, You simply need to give them some information such as Website Title, Website Link, Company Name, Country and Email Address then simply create copy it and paste it in your Disclaimer Page.

4:- Privacy Policy Page

In the Privacy Policy page, You need to tell about your website privacy and about your website policy, about your Log Files, and about your cookies term of uses.

You can write it on your privacy policy, You should write the privacy policy page of 800+ words. But I will recommend you to create this page auto privacy policy generate website you can easily create a quality Privacy Policy page using this website.

Also on this website Privacy Policy Generator, you need to give them some details about your website such as Website Name, Website Link, Company name, Country, and Email address. And please try to avoid the fake details, there you need to enter your correct data. Then simply copy it and paste it on your privacy policy page.

5:- Term and Conditions Page

Term and Condition page, You should write about your website terms and conditions for the users and that is mandatory for the users to visit on your website. You can write this page yourself with 1000+ words

But I prefer you to create it using the online Term and Condition Page generator tool, Using this website Term and Condition Generator you can easily create a term and condition page for your website. You need to enter some details about your website then generate it and copy the whole generated page and paste it in your term and conditions page.

6:- Sitemap Page

Sitemap Page is very important, It gives information about Files, Pages, Posts, and Links that are available on your website. 

AdSense Approval Trick 2020

In this page you did not need to Write you can simply create it using any plugin, If you are using any WordPress, If you are using Blogger then there are two types of Sitemaps for more information read my sitemap article Read Mo
re… otherwise you can simply your sitemap page using this link. this is your site map there you need to enter your website domain name instead of this is my website sitemap. You simply need to create A label of Sitemap then paste this link there.

7:- Cookie Policies Page

Cookie Policies page is not very important but, If you want to create then you can create it using this website Cookie Policies Generator. I haven’t explained more about this because it is not mandatory.  That was the pages, There I also Give you some extra tips.

  • Best Hosting

If you are using WordPress or any other platform instead of a blogger, Then I will recommend you to buy hosting with the best speed and best bandwidth.

 Your website speed always should be less than 2-3 seconds, You can also use many plugins on WordPress that may be helpful for you to increase your website speed

The speed of the website always depends on the two main things Hosting and Responsive Theme. and As you know blogger has in-built Faster hosting.

In Blogger you should only choose the best theme for your website. Don’t forget to give us feedback of this article AdSense Approval Trick in comment section.

  • When we should apply for Google Adsense/Domain Age Required
There is no, Domain age limit in Google AdSense Policies but. I will recommend you apply your website After 2-3 Weeks or your website must be 2-3 weeks old to get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days or get Google AdSense Reply in 24 hours. 


Google AdSense Doesn’t declare domain age in their policies, You can also get Google AdSense Approval on your new website. It depends on your hard work and struggle.


  • How many traffic required on our website to get Google AdSense Approval

There is no minimum limit to get of Traffic on your website to get Google Adsense approval. Google doesn’t mention Traffic quantity required to get Google AdSense approval. You can also get easily Adsense approval with 0 Traffic on your website.

 I Also got Adsense approval on 0 Traffic on my website. But If you want to earn money using Google Adsense after getting approval. You need to get Traffic on your website to get HIGH Impressions (RPM) and CPC on your website.

  • Submit Your Website in GSC/Search Engines

Your website is ready and you have created all the required pages. and already write 30+ articles and you already optimized your theme.

 You should submit your website in Google Search Console, and also on different Search Engines such as Bing, Yahoo and ask, etc. 

It may become the source of traffic on your website.but the submission of your website in Google Search Console is very important. If you want to know more about the Submission of Google Search Console the click here.

  • How to Apply For Google AdSense Properly?

Before applying for Google AdSense for your website, If you want to get approval faster you need to submit your website, pages, and posts manually in Google Search Console. You should keep some important things in your mind, 

When you will go on Google AdSense Website. and fill your website information. You should always enter your correct information Like Email Address, Country, Currency (You can also choose Dollars), Most importantly, when you are going to enter your website link then, 

I saw many people enter their Website URL like this,, or, But this way is completely wrong. If your website is on any platform, you need to open your website then your website is fully loaded

Then copy your website Complete URL from Search bar like I copied and my URL becomes, and paste in Google AdSense, Just like in image, If you will not do this you may be show SITE DOWN ERROR on your Google AdSense Reply. 


How to fix Duplicate account Issue in AdSense?

If you have already an AdSense account on this computer, then you should change your mobile devices and your internet connection you can use SIM DATA.  Do you shared this “AdSense Approval Trick” with your friends?

Always use unique Email Address and Mobile number that is not already used in any other Google AdSense Account, Then Duplicate account error will not show you, Then Do Next and Enter your correct Information Address, Country, Province, City Postal Code, and Mobile number then submit.


how to fix site down error


  • How to get Google AdSense Reply Faster?

If Google AdSense is not responding you after applying then, You should continue doing work on your website, Many Bloggers left work until they haven’t got Google AdSense approval, You should not do this, You should keep doing continuously your work on your website. and Do one post on your website in 3-4 days, It may be beneficial for you, Of course,

  • FAQs About AdSense Approval Trick

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Google AdSense.

  • Can we get AdSense Approval on
Ans) Yes you can get Google AdSense Approval on But it may take a long period to get a reply to your approval application. We will always recommend you to use TLD (Top-Level Domains) Domains while getting Googler AdSense Approval.
  • Can we get AdSense Approval on the new TID domain?
Ans) Many people had said you that, “You did not get AdSense Approval on your new TLD domain”. Then It is completely wrong. 
You can easily get Google AdSense approval on the new Top Level Domain. But it may take 1-2 weeks to get reply to the approval application. 

If you have a lot and quality content on your website then. It will take only 24 hours to get a reply of approval applications even your TID Domain is new.
  • Does Google AdSense pay for impressions?
Ans) Yes, Google AdSense also pay yours for Impressions.
 I hope you had seen RPM in your Google AdSense Account. RPM stands for Revenue per thousand Impressions. It means that value is showing in your RPM tab. That means that money will ad in your account when you’ll get a thousand impressions.
RPM also depends on your Traffic quality.
  • Can we use multiple Ad Network on a website? 
Ans) Yes you can use Multiple Ads Networks on websites.
Note:- You should always enable the second Ad network on your website When you got approval from the first ad Network.
You can get approval on your website after getting Google Adsense approval.
  • How much money pay Googles for 1000 visitors?
Ans) It is most asked and most searched questions on Google and YouTube related google Adsense.
Google did not pay you for 1000 visitors. The Earning from Google AdSense depends on the CPC (Cost-per-Click) and RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions)
  • Can we attach two or more websites with an AdSense Account?
Ans) Yes you can use multiple websites in a single Adsense account.
You can add one more website in your AdSense account Manually from Google AdSense “Google AdSense> Sites> Add Site”.
  • How much minimum money we can withdraw from Google AdSense
Ans) You can withdraw your balance from Google AdSense. When you’re earning reached at 100$. Means Google’s Adsense Minimum withdraw is 100$
  • Is Traffic Important to get Google AdSense Approval?
Ans) No, We do not need the traffic to get AdSense Approval
Adsense Approval does not depend on the traffic of your website. It depends on your website’s Quality and Content.
But without traffic, Your Google AdSense is waste. If you got AdSense Approval. And you don’t have traffic on your website, You’ll unable to earn money with Adsense.
  • Is social Traffic is beneficial for Google AdSense?
Ans) Yes Social Traffic does not harm your Google AdSense Account
Why I added this question. Because some people said that, If you’ll get traffic from Social media it may cause “Ads Limite issue in your AdSense account” or it may harm your Adsense account. That’s completely wrong.
Instead of harm to your account. It helps you to increase your ranking and getting more traffic on your website. It works as a signal to boost your traffic and ranking. Its also called Social Signal.

10) Is it right “If you are getting traffic from Social media then, it may suspend your AdSense account”?

Ans) No its wrong, I already told you in the previous question (9). That it is not harmful to your account.

11) Can we get AdSense Approval in Urdu and Hindi Content?

Ans) Yes, You can get Adsense approval on your website even your website has content in Urdu or Hindi Language. For more information, You can read Google AdSense’s Article Google AdSense Supported Languages


That was Today’s friends, I told you everything that, I am using to AdSense Approval Trick, If you have any problem or any other issue then please contact me via the comment section, I will try to fix your problem. I hope you are now able to know AdSense Approval Trick 2020, Then please share this article with your blogger/Website developer friends.

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