How to Buy Domain in Pakistan – 2020

How to Buy Domain in Pakistan

How to Buy Domain in Pakistan Easily – 2020, I know you are searching about how you can buy the domain in Pakistan without Credit Card. You did not get any Real way to buy the domain in Pakistan without a credit card but today in this article I will tell you How to Buy Domain in Pakistan any .com .org .pk .xyz .us and many other domains without any credit card or without any online payment account such as PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin.


But also this payment method also available. Today in this article I will tell you how you can buy a domain with JazzCash or how you can buy a domain with a Pakistani bank account. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section,

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And this website is registered by the Pakistani Government you can check it’s it on FBR’s Website. according to me.

I think it is the best domain and hosting service provider company in Pakistan, Pakistan’s bigger Blogger and Website developer also used this site’s hosting and domains in their websites. Did you enjoy today’s article How to Buy Domain in Pakistan? Hello, Friends, my name is Muhammad Haseeb and today in this article.

I will tell you how you can host and domain in Pakistan with any credit card or any online payment account, you can buy the domain and hosting with JazzCash and Pakistani bank account. Let’s start from What is Domain Name? with an Example.


What is Domain Name?

A domain name is an address where the internet user can access your website and visit your website. It may contain any Number or Character. A Domain name is your website name such as TechyPakistan is your domain name and .com is your domain it may be .com .pk .in .org .edu .uk and many other. Domain also identifies how many computers are now on the internet.
The domain can Track Computer IP and Location. Domain Always only available paid these are not free. many local domains are available for free on the internet but they will not rank your website and it may be suspended after hour, days, months or after one year. Always remember that use paid domain. many companies have their own Domain Prices and their own services.

Example of Domain Name

Consider a domain name ( there in this address www means World Wide Web means your website works in World Wide and many addresses do not have WWW because they redirected their website from www to non-www (Why they do this: because site without www looks attractive and without www website’s reduce website name from to

And TechyPakistan is your website name you can choose your own Domain name TechyPakistan is just for an example. and .com is your domain this also you can choose your own such as .com .org .edu .online.Tech .uk .pk .in and many others almost all countries have their own domains like Pakistan has .pk, United Kindom has .uk United States has .us, and India has. Usually Domains prices between 15$-20$.
Many companies selling their domains above this price because they are giving you first free year or they are giving you domain in cheap price for the first year and after the first year they will take extra charges for this. I hope you’ll share this article How to Buy Domain in Pakistan with your friends.

Why Domin is Important?

Above, I already told you what is the domain. Now I will tell you why you should use domain name and name and How you can choose the best domain and domain name for you, for your company, for your institute, or for your organization. Friends first of all why we use a domain name, the Domain name may consist of any number or character and domain may consist org .com .pk .online.Tech.


What are the Benefits of Domain?

A domain name is used to show your website on the internet without domain you can also show your website on the internet and many platforms are providing you free website builder tools and with free domain to show your website on the internet such as Blogger is providing you domain and WordPress is providing you domain.


But these domains are contained a very large number of characters and these are not short like .com who one visit your website one time then after one or two days, they will forget your domain name because it is too lengthy. These domains are not memorable these domains forget soon. for example, if your website is TechyPakistan.blogspot that is why domains are very important for your website.


How to choose best domain provider?

If you were also searching for this, then here we also covered this topic in this article. Friends if you always choose a domain which is of your company niche, for example, if your company is about Tech then you can use it. .TECH domain. and you want to start a website worldwide and you want to target all languages and all countries then always use .com and if you want to start a company in Pakistan.

Then you should use the .pk domain for your website. and also check your website niche if you want to make a website on Education purposes then you should use the .edu domain, if your website is government-related then you should use the .gov domain. ( I think for buying .gov you need to get permission to get this domain or not please comment me). Now, what should your domain name, always choose short and your company related words in your domain name, for example, my website is Techy Related.

I used Techy word on my website, the same as, for example, if your website is Education Related. then you should use this kind of domain and domain name or or and always your domain name should relate to your niche or company. and before choosing your domain name please check it on any domain provider company’s website it is available or not then choose your domain name. I hope now you understand how you can choose your domain name.


What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that provides you a facility to host your posts, pages, and website on the internet. A hosting provider company provides you this facility to post your images, videos, documents and web pages on the internet.

Many companies providing their facilities in Pakistan. Your all data that is posted on your website stored on Special (Super) Computers called server. The Owner of the server may access your stored data on the website. and they also can delete or damage your data but they didn’t do it because they are providing you service.

You can also build your server using your supercomputers but this cost a lot of your money. and a lot of consuming electricity. That is why? why people built their own servers. When any user visits your website on the internet then the domain server or website server get Data from these supercomputers or server and shows to the user.

That is why your website takes a few seconds to load your website to the user. And If your server providing the company’s supercomputer is slow then maybe your website speed will be slow. Before buying hosting from any company check its bandwidth and speed.

Many companies are providing hosting with a free domain and if you already have a domain then many compies only hosting. There are many types of hosting such as Web Hosting, Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and many more all of these have their own features and different prices.


Why hosting is important

Many Web Developer platforms are providing you the facility of free hosting but not with a free domain like Blogger, blogger has their own built-in hosting.

If you want to start work without hosting then you can choose blogger but on blogger, you need to buy a domain, and many web development platform is not providing you the facility of Hosting and Domains Such as WordPress has their own hosting and domains but note free. You need to buy hosting + domain from WordPress or any other company then you can start work on the WordPress website.

If you don’t have to host then you cannot see your website and your user are not able to open your website and your website will not show on Internet. and you will not able to host your website on the internet. Today in this article I will tell you how you can buy your own hosting and domain in Pakistan without credit card and with JazzCash and Pakistani Bank Accounts.


How to Buy Domain in Pakistan without Credit Card

Hi Today in This Article I will tell you how you can buy the domain in Pakistan with JazzCash or how you can buy a domain with Easypaisa, I will also give you steps how you can buy from this website (not paid promotion only my personal recommendation)

QIW host is the best website where you can buy .com .in .pk .edu .org . online .tech .uk .us any domain with very cheap price QIW Host is giving you a great discount on the first year of your domain, QIW Host giving you the best discount on hosting SSL Certificate, and domain for first year using QIW Host you can buy your domain in Pakistan with JazzCash, EasyPaisa (coming soon).

Pakistani Bank accounts, Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, and many other online payment gateways are available but using JazzCash and Easypaisa, and Pakistani bank account options you can pay your domain or hosting payment. Should I write more articles such that How to Buy Domain in Pakistan?

I also explain your simple steps on how you can buy, You do not need any credit or debit card to buy the hosting and domain from this website. you only need a JazzCash or EasyPaisa account. Nowadays every single person has EasyPaisa or JazzCash Account.

First of all, you need to deposit your money according to the thing that you are buying from the QIW Host website. then after this, you need to follow these steps that I have given below.


How to buy Domain with JazzCash?

If you want to buy a domain from QIW Host then you need to follow these steps given below:-

  • Step No.1

Go to QIW Host and then Sign Up on it as like you Sign Up on other websites then search your domain name which you want then you will redirect on Shopping Cart or Register Domain Page, or Follow instructions given in Picture. Follow the next step.

How to Buy Domain in Pakistan
How to Buy Domain in Pakistan
  • Step No.2

Then Again Check There your website domain is available or not, If your domain name is available then a message will appear, “Congratulations PakistanTechy .com is Available!” If your domain  name is not available then a message will appear “PakistanTechy .com is unavailable” After this Click on Add to Cart and there you can see the price and after click on Add to cart a new button will appear there Checkout you need to click on it, Follow the next step,

How to Buy Domain in Pakistan - Domain - Hosting- Without Credit Card
How to Buy Domain in Pakistan – Domain – Hosting-  Without Credit Card
  • Step No.3

After this you will redirect on Domains Confirguaraion there, you can check your domain period, If you also want to buy hosting then Click on Click to Add, (But its chargers are extra), After this If you want to get DNS access then Tick on DNS Management you should to tick it (It is Free no charges).

Then you will able to connect your domain on any website builder website. like blogger, WordPress, Wix and many more Tick it, after this If you want to add more Nameserver then you can add more max 5 (Recommended 2 default are best),  then click on Continue, Follow Next Step,

What is domain and hosting?
What are domain and hosting?
  • Step No.4

After this, you will redirect on Review & Checkout Page, here you can see your product info like Cycle, price and other, then if you have a promo code then enter it and click on Validate Code and if you don’t have then skipped this, after this, you can check your Oder Summary, like Price and Total Price, Then Click on Checkout →

Buy hosting in Pakistan with JazzCash
Buy hosting in Pakistan with JazzCash
  • Step No.5

After the previous step you need to choose your payment method, I am from Pakistan so I choose JazzCash or Bank Account (Only for Pakistan) and If you are from any other country then you can choose other payment methods, and Tax will also include with this according to your payment methods, I choose JazzCash Online Payments then.

I need to pay 2% charges with total price, Then if you want to send any message to this company owner then you can write in Additional Notes if you don’t want then please skip it, then Tick Term and Services, after this click on Complete Order → after this you will redirect on JazzCash’s online payment system, where you need to enter your JazzCash number and click on Pay Now, then on your mobile phone yo will show a dialog box.

You need to put your JazzCash MPIN in the Text box then click on Pay. Now then your payment is done, Now your order will complete withing 10min-1hours, if your order is not received you then please wait 24 hours, if you also not received your order in 24 hours then please contact them via Online chat or using their contact us page. Here your order is done. Now you can attach your domain anywhere. Hope you guys you understood.

If your domain has not bought then please tell me I will help you to buy your domain name. You can comment on me to ask my WhatsApp number then I will send you my WhatsApp number. You can contact me.

how to buy domain online in pakistan
How to buy domain online in Pakistan


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