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How to Check Jazz SIM Balance, MBs & Minutes – Easily 2020

How to Check Jazz SIM Balance

I know you are facing an issue. That’s why you visited or searched this keyword “How to Check Jazz SIM Balance” on Google. I know you want to know how you can check your Jazz SIM, Free Minutes, Free MBs, Package Details, Premium Monthly Subscriptions, etc. But you don’t know how to do this. Then, here I am for your help.

Now, Jazz and Warid Network has become one the Telecom Company of Pakistan called Jazz. And they both have a large number of users. And Warid’s users come on Jazz SIM. And the new users Did not know how to check Jazz SIM Remaining Minutes, etc. Then, I wrote this article for those people. I know they were facing many difficulties.

Now, Jazz is providing you high-speed internet and quality voice calling facilities. And All Pakistani are now migrating their sims from other networks to Jazz Networks. Also Now, Jazz Network is improving in Pakistan. And, A large number of Pakistani re using Jazz Network. If you really want to know how to check jazz remaining MBs. Then, read this entire article and follow the mentioned codes and follow the ways given below.

Today in this article, I will tell you how you can check your Jazz SIM balance, Free Minutes, Free MBs, Weekly packages Details, Monthly Premium Subscription Details, etc. And I also tell you some tips to get some extra and free MBs in jazz SIM. I’ll also tell you how you can check your Jazz SIM Balance without any cost.

There I mentioned some free ways to check jazz sim balance for free. And also shared Jazz Balance check codes 2020. Stay Connected. First of All, I want to tell you how to check the jazz sim balance using a code.

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How to Check Jazz SIM Balance

Jazz user can check their remaining balance by dialing *111# in the dialing pad. Wait a few minutes for USSD code checking. And then, there you’ll able to see your jazz remaining balance summary. But keep in mind there are 0.12 PKR charges for using this code. But, In the last, I’ll also tell you a free way to check your remaining balance.

how to check jazz balance

This code is only valid for Jazz users. And, please don’t try this code on any other network. It may cause of loss of your SIM balance. These methods are only for prepaid Jazz Users. Don’t try on PostPaid Jazz Users.

Jazz Balance Check Code 2020

CheckUSSD CodeCharges
Balance*111#0.12 PKR


Check Jazz Balance by Calling

Now, This is the sound way to check jazz balance. You can call on the “123” number from the dial pad then click on “Call“.

Then, There a girl call representer will guide you with what you do next to check your remaining Data, balance, Minutes, etc. You can also select URDU or English langue. Then you have to pres some buttons from daily. Then, the call representative will tell you your remaining balance summary.

But in this case also. You have to spend your 0.12 balance to call on this number.

Check Jazz Remaining MBs

This step is about how to check the Jazz MB remaining.

To check your Jazz MBs of any package. you have to dial *2# with your activated package code. For example, the subscribed package code is *117# then to check my remaining MBs of this package. Ill dail *117*2#. Then you’ll able to see your jazz remaining MBs summary.

Jazz MB Check Codes

If you are using a weekly jazz internet package. Then you can check your weekly internet package remaining Data by dialing *117*47*2#. And the actual code for weekly internet subscription is *117*47#.

How to check Jazz remaining Data

If you have activated your monthly premium internet package on Jazz Sim. You can check your monthly premium internet package remaining Mbs by dialing *117*30*2#. On the other hand, the actual code to activate your monthly premium package is *117*30#.

How to check jazz remaining balance for free

Now, this is the last step to check your Jazz SIM remaining, Data, Balance, etc. And you are using Android Device or Apple device. Then you did not need to apply any costly USSD code to check it. Then you should Download Jazz Word App. There, you can check your Jazz SIM remaining Balance, Data, Data Usage, etc freely.

How to get free Jazz MBs

If you want to get free Data in jazz SIM. Then, You should try this code on your Jazz prepaid SIM *5555#. Then, you’ll get free 1000 MBs for a week. This offer is free.

  • All Jazz Prepaid customers can use this option irrespective of what package they are on.
  • The prices are excluding all taxes.
  • Standard taxes would be charged on each transaction.
  • Codes can be changed in the future.
  • The Company‚Äôs Terms and Conditions will be applied.

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