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How to Fix Ads limited Issue – Easily in 2020

How to Fix Ads limited Issue

How to Fix Ads limited Issue, After Reading this article you will able to fix your ads limited problem in your Google AdSense Account. I Know you were finding a real way to fix ads limited issue in your account. and you did not get an organic way to get AdSense approval but no worry.

I am here for you guys. if you are also facing the number of ads you can show has been limited to this problem and you don’t know how you can fix this and your friends also not telling you the solution to this problem. and you are very worried about it. Today in This Article I will explain a real way to ads limited issue in your Adsense account.

NowaDay, when you get Adsense Approval after 10-30 minutes this problem shows in Google Adsense and the Adsense gives you the Account Being Assessed Reason for How to Fix Ads limited Issue.

And many peoples have already an Adsense account but they are also facing this problem. Did you want more articles like this How to Fix Ads limited Issue?

But no worry bro. Today I will give you an organic way to How to Fix The number of ads you can show has been limited without any trick or without any suspension of the account. Now I am also facing the same problem but I followed my trick and now I will wait up to 2-3 Weeks then this notification/problem will disappear from my AdSense Account.

How to How to The number of ads you can show has been limited

Why Google AdSense sends you this message or problem?

First of All, I want to tell you that Google AdSense is now updating its policies day by day for 2020. and during this whole process, they disturb the AdSense user. But Google Adsense is doing the whole process for our comfort. 

As they update their policies as people do not do any invalid activities and many people are making their website against Google AdSense Policies that is why Google wants to improve their Google AdSense Services for its users.

And nowadays All peoples Adsense’s accounts have the same problem. Adsense is sending the same issue to all AdSense users.

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That means after showing this message on your account the Google Adsense’s Ads will not show on your blog/website after this notification. and Google AdSense is just doing this to Track your Activities and your Traffic Source.

They Want to check your Blog’s Traffic Quality. that your traffic is organic or invalid. Now in this article.

I am going to tell you the 100% real way how to fix this issue permanently. Only Follow this method for one time then come back on our website and leave your lovely comment there in the comment section. Should I post more tricks like this how to Fix Ads limited Issue?

A button will also show after this message Your Ads has been limited. Policy Center by clicking on this button you can check your reason why google stops ads serving on your website. and there they will also some tips to get back your ads serving.


Main Reason Why AdSense Send you this notification?

The first reason is that when you get AdSense approval from Google and you after 10-20 minutes try to create some ads unit and start to put it on your website to show ads on your website and earn money but you should not do this.

When you get AdSense approval then please wait 1-2 weeks then create your own ad unites. you can turn on Auto Ads on your website instantly after getting AdSense approval its save. When you do this create your ad units. Then within 10-30 minutes AdSense sends you Ads Limited.

The second Reson is your Invalid Traffic it may contain from Spamed website, Paid Traffic, Facebook Paid Traffic, Instagram Paid Traffic, and from other social media platforms. Your social media traffic is saved fro AdSense if it is less then 30%. means if you getting traffic less than 30% from Social media and other sources. 

And you are getting 70%+ traffic organically means from Google or other search engines then your Adsense is saved. if you are getting 70%+ or 100%+ Traffic from social media then it may cause this problem for your AdSense account so beware from paid traffic always try to get organic traffic.

Let’s Start How to Fix Ads limited Issue.
Your this problem Ads Limited may appear cause of this issue. If you will click on the Policy Center that is shown at the end of this message you will show some Account Issues. Your Issue will be Ads Serving Limited.  In the Issue Section, You will show anyone a message from these messages that you are seeing below. 

  • Invalid Traffic Concerns

  • Paid Traffic from Instagram or Facebook etc.

  • Bot Traffic

  • Account Being Assessed 

Ads you can show has been limited

As you can see in my issue section there is showing a message Account being Assessed. There will be an issue in your account. Account being assessed means Google is now reviewing my account and after reviewing they will allow ads on my website. and it may take up to 2-3 weeks they have not mentioned. They Mentioned that in Details.

 Ad serving on your account is being temporarily limited while we assess your traffic quality. We’ll automatically review and update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic. Google Wants to say you that ads serving on your site are now not activated and after tracking our website traffic quality they will automatically update this issue and fix this.

But they also mentioned that there is no fixed time when they will fix this issue it maybe takes many days so keep patients. and at the under details, they write in What you do? Continue to build your content and audience while we assess your site traffic. 

Google Wants to say to us that we need to take traffic organically from Google. and we need to keep doing work on our website now I hope you understand why google sends you this issue and how many reasons for this now I will tell you how you can fix this.


How we can stop Invalid Traffic?

You can Stop your invalid traffic by following these simple steps:-

1. Don’t share your blog’s/website’s post link or any page link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, etc. Frequently. 

You can share your website on social media daily but for a limited time don’t share frequently. 

I saw that many people for do they’re earning fast they join many WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups and the whole day they share their posts and website link in these groups. 

It may be causes of Facebook or WhatsApp blacklist your website. And in your AdSense account,.
it may because of Ads Limited Issue.

2. Never click on your own ads on the website. it may be count invalid click in your AdSense account. and maybe Google Suspend your AdSense account. 

Even you think that it is safe. Even you have changed your device’s IP and MAC Address or you have changed your Devices to click on your own ads. So beware of this.

3. Always Check your Traffic quality by Blogger stats or by Google Analytics and analyze your traffic quality such as Organic Traffic, Real-Time visitors, Traffic Source, Session Duration and Bounce Rate, etc. 
Google Analytics gives you a to z data about your traffic quality. 

4. Don’t buy Paid traffic from Facebook or from auto traffic generator websites. they provide you the fake visitors means bots visit your website and you get views on your website. It is a spammed way to get more traffic on your website. 

So please don’t buy traffic from any third party websites. but you can buy limited Traffic from Facebook ads program.

5. Don’t get backlinks for your website or for your post from low Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) websites and If the Da, Pa and high spam score websites. It causes an increase in our website’s spam score. 

If your website’s spam score increase by 30%-50% then Google Search Console may your website put in Blacklist. and your website de-ranking will start. you will not get traffic from Google. The Traffic from high spam score websites may be considered spam or invalid traffic. Did you like How to Fix Ads limited Issue?

What is Organic or Quality Traffic?

The Traffic is getting you from Google or from other Search Engines such as Bing. Yahoo etc this kind of Traffic is called quality traffic is widely known as Organic Traffic. 

The Traffic which is getting you from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and From Twitter, etc this sources then this kind of Traffic is called social traffic. 

And 30% Social Traffic and 70%+ Traffic Organic is safe for your AdSense account. and if your Organic traffic is up to 100%+ then your account is fully safe you no need worry about this issue. I hope you had already shared this How to Fix Ads limited Issue.

If your Social Traffic is greater than 50%+. Then your account may be suspended or google sends you the number of ads you can show has been limited. I hope you understand the difference between Organic and Quality Traffic

IF your Organic traffic is too much then it may cause an increase in your CPC and it will increase your monthly earning from Google AdSense.

How to Fix The number of ads you can show has been limited

I will tell you some steps to fix ads limited problem. Yo need to follow all the steps that.

I will tell you if you will skip a single step then it may become some issue for you so please follow all the steps that I wrote below. It may be 4 Simple steps.

How to Fix The number of ads you can show has been limited?

If you want to solve your Ad limited issue. Then you can follow these steps. You did not need to use any third-party website or any third party trick to solve it. 

I will give your real way to solve this issue and this way is proven by Google AdSense

And many people’s problem has been solved. and when my this issue will be solved then I will write one more article on this topic so please keep staying with us by turning on Notifications on our website:-

Step .1
Turn off your auto ads and Delete your By Ad Units (The ads you have created). and sure that the ads on your website are fully adless means all Adsense ads from your website have been removed. If you have turned on the AMP site then please also turn it off.

How to off auto ads
How to off auto ads
Step .2 Try to get more Organic Traffic from Google. Keep doing work on your website until this issue has been solved. and keep the patient. It will decrease your time to solve this issue then.
So keep doing working on your website write daily posts. As you can see in the image I am getting to much traffic from Google.
Google will track your traffic and then solve this issue. Remember that until Google will not track or access your traffic quality your problem will not be solved. 
How to Fix The number of ads you can show has been limited | Techy Pakistan
How to Fix The number of ads you can show has been limited | Techy Pakistan

Step .3
Remove your Google AdSense Code that you have been entered in your website Theme>Edit HTML under the <header> tag during applying your website for Google AdSense. then save this and this way is only for bloggers.

If your website is on any other platform such as WordPress then you can Delete this code where you have been put during applying for Adsense approval.

How to put adsense code in blogger
How to put AdSense code in blogger










Step .4
Remove ads.txt file (which you have got from Google AdSense to Fix your earning. Hope you know that) from your blogger custom ads.txt if your website is on blogger. Remove ads.txt file from your host server that you have uploaded on your website.

Using this ads.txt file google Track your website traffic. If your traffic is invalid then you can remove this. Is this trick How to Fix Ads limited Issue working for you?

If you are sure that your website is fully Organic then you no need to remove this put.

I recommend you to remove this, after removing this a New Notification will appear in your Adsense Account that is “Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe” you need no worry about it. You can fix it after getting fix this ad limited issue.

Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe
Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact your revenue.

Step .5
After Doin this all steps please do not get more traffic from social media. and sure that now no ads are actives on your website. Then after a few days.

Your page view will down to 0 when this will down to zero your ads limited issue will fix within 10-20 days. and please don’t leave the patient. keep patient. Share your feelings for How to Fix Ads limited Issue in the comment section.

What we should do after getting to solve this problem?

When your problem will be solved. Then you need to upload your Ads.txt file in your server or you need to enter the ads.txt file in the CUSTOM Ads.txt section in blogger. 

And after getting solve the issue you should not create an ads unit after getting solve please create your ow ads unit after 2-3 weeks otherwise you will again appear the same issue and again you need to use this way to solve so.

Please keep the patient and then create your ad units. and instead of creating an ad unit after getting solved the issue you need to turn on auto ads is very safe and Google itself prefers. Its user to use Auto Ads. Did you like How to Fix Ads limited Issue?

You can turn on auto ads instantly after getting to solve the problem. so I hope guys your issue has been solved and please leave a lovely comment for us. If that trick worked for you leave a comment for How to Fix Ads limited Issue.
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That was the trick How to Fix Ads limited Issue. I hope you had liked it?

Guys Also Read the above articles these will also very helpful for you. I post daily very informative article for your friends. So please share my website and this post with your families and friends. If you are not a cheap person then you will share it with your friends. 

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Please leave your lovely comment in the comment section. If you have any business query then please contact us via comment section or via Contact Us Form. I will try to help you. That was the trick How to Fix Ads limited Issue.

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