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How to Get Free Web Hosting – Lifetime 2020

All worked up to host your own website. The problem is you don’t want to spend your money on website hosting right now. Well, you don’t need to fret about Website hosting at the start. Because we are here to tell you about “How to get free web hosting“.

What is Hosting Basically?

Web hosting is a way to allows people to make their websites available for World wide web. Now web hosting service is a service in which companies offer virtual servers to the client. These servers are connected with the internet and are kept running 24/7. It’s not easy for all web users to do this at their home or office. Therefore web hosting services are sought for a better option.

There are thousands of web hosting services providing their hosting service for a fee. However, a trend of free web hosting has grown tremendously. Free Web-hosting is usually used by people who are short on budget to pay for hosting. People who host their sites temporarily on free web hosting.

Free hosting is also a way of promoting and facilitating new websites. And hence many new website owners find encouragement by having the assurance of free website hosting. So This article mainly describes how to get free web hosting.

000WebHost free web hosting

000Webhost is one of the most popular free web hosting providers. Their service is smooth and rarely goes down for maintenance or for any other reasons.

000Webhost not only provides you a free web hosting. They provide you an FTP (file transfer protocol) access for easy usage. A Cpanel to make your web hosting experience even better, and provide you more control over your web hosting. With all these features, 000webhost doesn’t tingle you with lousy ads. In fact, they have a policy of showing no ads, so you can focus, and have a premium experience.

Yes! That’s not everything. They provide free website builder along with the free hosting. You can use it to make a stunning user-friendly website, blog, or store. A single negative aspect is, they allocate only 300MB disk space for free hosting. Clients are required to pay for more than 300MB disk space. And limited 2Gb of bandwidth is allocated. So it is a good platform for a website to take a startup. And once you’ve made enough progress with your website, upgrade to a better plan. Did you like this company for How to Get Free Web Hosting?

Can we get free Hosting?

  • Free Hosting

FreeHosting is providing free hosting plans. Along with the free package, they are offering Cpanel to increase your interaction with your website hosting. FTP access to make it easier to transfer files. They are also offering different kinds of add-ons and website builders at a very reasonable price that will cost only one time.

Free hosting has a plus point of providing unlimited bandwidth for its users. It is sad to mention here that I wasn’t able to find details on disk space for free users. Another plus point is they are providing hosting for a lifetime and no cheating.

So do give free hosting a try if you are in search of a better hosting service.

Free Hostia free web hosting provider

Free Hostia Is another free web hosting service providers. As far as it goes for the Hosting plan they offer. It has few things better than the providers mentioned above and disk space lower than 000webhost.

They are offering 5 Hosted Domains, 3 Email accounts 10Mb on MySQL v.5 databases. Along with this, they offer space of the only 250mb which is 50mb lower than 000webhost. They are also offering a free website builder.

Free hosting in comparison may sound a bit less in features. But it is surely worth a try to test its free hosting for your new website.


This is it for today. We will be editing this post in the future to add more authentic free web hosting providers on the list. So you as a reader can find all the useful sources on our blog. I hope you’ll like and share our today’s article How to Get Free Web Hosting?.

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