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How to Increase Blogger Website Traffic for free 2020

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How to Increase Blogger Website Traffic

Hi Guys, Today in this article I will explain to you How to Increase Blogger Website Traffic for free 2020 for free, Today I will not tell you any Hack or not any tricks to get traffic or not tell you how you can get traffic by third-part website or apps.

Free Website Traffic 2020

 I will explain you an organic way to how you can increase traffic on your website, many people are posting on their website that how we can get traffic on the website and they are telling fake ways to get traffic on the website but this all methods that they tell you are fake.

Maybe it will become your cause to Suspend your Google AdSense Account it may because of Ad Limited Issue, and if you want work on your website for a lifetime and want also earn money then you should to only get traffic organically means from Google, Bing or Yahoo not from fake sites Lets Start.

Hi, Friends, my name is Muhammad Haseeb and today in this article. I give you a lot of tips and tricks to get Traffic on your website and you should try these all tips to get traffic. first, follow these tips and leave your lovely comment in the comment section I read your all comments a then reply.

How to get more Blogger Website Traffic for free 2020

Types of Traffic

Traffic in your website increases your ranking in Google’s first article that turned into more traffic
There are two types of Traffic Quality Traffic and Free Traffic

  • What is Quality Traffic?

Traffic comes from Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others or from High rated Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. this traffic is called organic or quality traffic this is the best traffic for your website and this increase your ranking in Google.

And it helps you to increase your CPC and helps you to earn more money, IF you are getting 40% traffic of your website from Social Media means high rated website then your AdSense Account saves from any issue.
 If your social media traffic source percentage increases by up to 70% then. I think your account may be suspended or this becomes the cause of any issue in your AdSense account.

  • What is Free Traffic?

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Traffic which comes from local and low da pa websites, such as (you can take the example of any new site like my site) or that traffic us from third-party websites or apps that provides you InDirect visitors or traffic on your website this kind of traffic is called free or Local traffic.

 you should not take 30%+ Free traffic on your website it may become the cause of your Google Adsense Account Suspension or maybe becomes the cause of any issue in your Google AdSense account. 
Did you know that there are two types of traffic in blogger first is Quality Traffic and Free Traffic

Get Unlimited Traffic on Your Website Organically

  • Always do Keywords Research before writing an article

Before writing your article, you should do proper keywords research, then write your article, you can use any third party, Keywords Research Tools that are available for free.

 like, Keyword Planner KWfinder and Neil Patel’s Keyword analyzer, this tools show you all ranking factor to rank your article and tell you all details about Keywords Such as CPC, Competition, Competitor, and Volume, etc. I always do keyword research before writing my article.

  • Target one keyword?

Always Target only one keyword in your article, if you will try to target many keywords in your one article then you need to write an article up to 5000+ words.

If you cant write an article of 5000+ words then you should target only one keyword in your article. For example, you can see I only target one keyword in this article that is How to Increase Blogger website traffic.

  • Always Target long-tail Keywords

In some cases people trying to get more traffic in their article they target short-tail keywords such as Free traffic, Blogger site traffic, this kind.

And their article is not ranking then they demotivate their self and leave working, on their site, you should always try to target long-tail keywords such as How to Increase Blogger Website Traffic for free 2020.

 I can ensure you if you will use long-tail keywords you have 90%+ Chances to rank your article on google the first page, and in this case, you should not require any kinds of backlinks.

 When your one long-tail Keyword will rank on Google and then slowly your article will also start ranking on Short Keywords automatically.

  • Write a Stylish Article

When you start writing your article, I saw many people write their article like an assy or like a paragraph, and they do not write heading or subheading.

But you should not do this you should write your article with proper customization and write your all heading, subheading and miner heading.

When you are defining your article topics then use your heading and then you are explaining about your article then you should first write Subheading, and you should write minor heading with Bold text and Bold text must be used in headings.

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  • Write Your Own Content

Unique content plays a very important role to get traffic on your website and play a role in ranking your article on google’s first page. If you copy other peoples article and paste or translate into other language and put in your articles then.

Google will not Crawl and now show your article in Google’s Top page, from my thinking that is the most important factor to get traffic.

Instead of using copy content of other people you should write your article unique than their article who are ranking on Google’s stoppage and put that thing in your article that things he left to put in his article.

  • Use Limited Images

When you are writing your article then you should use limited images according to your article becomes used of many images, on your website may cause slow down your page load speed and Page Speed also plays a very important role in Ranking on Google’s first page.

 I saw many peoples use 8-10 images in a single post but you should not do this because it slows down your page loading speed, and decrease your ranking, you should use Maximum 5 Images in your article and not post 5+ images in your articles.

  • Images Format 

Some people use their images in their articles without seeing image format you always should upload your image in the format of PNG.

It is the format of images. If you have images in another format then you can use Converter Softwares, Applications or can use website that provides you the facility to convert your image into PNG, and JPG.

  • Compress your image (Size)

Before Uploading your image in your blogger article you should compress, the image size then uploads, you can use many websites, software and application that provides you the facility to decrease your size by 70%+ size of your article.

 (But why) Because when you post any image in your article then this image stored in your hosting or blogger’s hosting and it slow downs your article loading speed and if your articles link has high loading speed then.

It will increase your ranking in Google, if your page loading speed is very fast up to 90% then it will help you to rank your article on Google

  • Post Style

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Post Style plays a very important role in attracting your user, If your post site is not well and good, then the user will go back from your website and your session duration will decrease

If this happens then Google put your site in their Blacklist, Session duration is very important, You can also follow my website’s post site, tell me are you attract on my this post, 

let me know in the comment section? I will be very appreciative of your comment, If you really attract on my post then you cans, follow my post style in your post or you can follow any other way how to write post properly. 

User attraction is very important for your website, if a user did not attract by your website or post, then he will not come back on our website, so, according to me post style is a very important factory

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