How to Use IDM for free Lifetime
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How to Use IDM for free Lifetime – 5 Simple Steps

How to Use IDM for free Lifetime

Are you looking for a method that can help you How to Use IDM for free lifetime? Then Here, I have a method that can help you with this.

I know you are facing troubles while using IDM. IDM is one of the best Download software for computers. You tried everything but still, you are facing troubles and You did not get any genuine way how to crack IDM for lifetime. Then, here this article is only for you.

What is IDM?

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager. IDM is the most popular and common software for the computer that is used to download any kind of file from the internet like Images, Videos, Documents files, etc.

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This is the fastest Downloading Software available on the computers. but it’s not free. You have to pay some money to use this. IDM only gives you a trial for a month. After this, you’ll no longer use IDM for free. Then you have to pay them to use IDM.

Internet Download manager features

IDM has many additional features that don’t available in other download managers. Like it has an extra feature that is it divides a file into 32 (Max) and then starts downloading the file. This producer increases the downloading speed. And After reading this article you have not to pay money for this software. you’ll able to use an Internet download manager for free for lifetime.

How to crack IDM for lifetime?

Hi, Everyone my name is Muhammad Haseeb and today in this article. I’m going to tell you how to crack IDM for lifetime on your computer. As you know internet download manager is a paid software that is used for fat downloading files from the internet.

Stay tinned with use. I’ll explain each tells and I’ll try to explain to you in an easy way. And in this method of cracking IDM is very simple. You don’t need any serial key to activate your IDM. And your IDM registration problems will solve. That you were facing after using Internet download Manager for one month.

Let’s start how you can crack your IDM for free for lifetime.

How to crack IDM with Host File?

First of all, You have to do some changes in the host file that you’ll get in the windows folder of your Hard Disk. Below I also explained the location of the host file. You have to do some changes to the host file. Fist of all you have to open your notepad as administrator. As Shown in ImageIDM for free

You have to open your notepad that is available on your computer and then. You’ll see a file Option a the left corner of the notepad click there and click on Open… Button or click Control plus O button (Ctrl+O). And now follow the next step.

How to crack IDM for free

Now, You have to open the location that is mentioned in the Image or this location in your notepad (The New window opened From notepad). Location is:- Computer>Local Disk (C:)(The Disk in which your OS is Installed)>Windows>System32>drivers>etc>. There, you’ll be noting. Now, You have to choose All Files instead of File Document from the right corner. As mentioned in the image. And then, there you’ll see a hosts File choose this and click on open. Now, you’ll see the text document. Now Follow the next step.

how to use IDM for free

Now, You have to enter this text at the end of this text. And click on Close buttons and click on the Save button. As shown in image Now you’ve done. Now. Follow the next step.

IDM cracker


You have to download the IDM from here (you can also download it from any other source) with crack patches. But I’ll recommend you to download from this website. Download the given file that is given below.

There, in the file, you’ll get 3 files. First is your internet download manager software. Second and Third are tow crack patches for internet download manager. The first is for 32-bit Computers. And second is for 64-bit Computers.

Download IDM Crack Patches

Download from below.

Download Crack Patch for IDM

After Downloading, The File you’ll download from here. Then open this downloaded ZIP file. And Install the IDM version from the ZIP File as you install the other Softwares.

I hope you know. Then There, Also you’ll get the Two Patches called 32Bit and 64Bit. If your computer is in 32Bitversion then choose and install the patches of 32bit.

If your computer OS version is 64Bit then install the patches of 64 Bit. You install the other software. Now, your work is done. Now, you’ll able to use your IDM for free.


That was for today’s method How to Use IDM for free Lifetime. I hope you enjoyed the article. And if you are facing any error. Then don’t forget to leave your problem in the comment section. God by taking care. Thanks for visiting our website.

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