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New Technology 2020

New Technology 2020

As time passes, technology is getting more advanced than before. New technology 2020, New gadgets, equipment, and modern technology is introducing in our life. The world is getting more dependent on IT and machine learning New technology 2020.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the upcoming gadgets, technology, and equipment that may affect our lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as New technology 2020:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the famous technology that is dominating the world in 2020. AI (Artificial Intelligence will shift the jobs of humans using automated software or robots to do the job. AI will have a bigger impact on businesses and transport in the modern age. Top developed countries including the USA and Australia are currently working on 5G and AI to develop driverless cars and enhancing communication devices. AI also includes automated customer support, homework assistance and scheduling the tasks.

Machine learning is a part of AI that learns the behavior of human work and implement in the real world.  Domains of machine learning include natural language processing, deep learning, etc. These machine learning applications are not much advance until now are not user-friendly.

Internet of things (I.O.T) as New technology 2020:

Whenever you’re connected to the internet, you’re not completely secure. Hackers are ready to steal your important data or bank accounts. Hackers breach the security of bank accounts in the USA and other countries. Research has found that the number of cyber-attacks including DoS or DDoS is increasing day by day in 2020. This is getting easier and free to attack any application connected to the internet. The applications may be game-servers, websites, security networks, bank accounts, etc.

In 2020 or later, I.O.T will resolve all the security bugs making impossible for someone to steal the information. I.O.T will use next-generation firewalls to protect their infrastructure. I.P.S/IDS technology will quickly trigger and block the connection immediately whenever someone tries to access the network anonymously.

Virtual and Augmented reality:

Virtual reality is the use of modern technology to display the video in a virtual environment that doesn’t exist. Whereas, augmented reality is the use of virtual objects in the real world to define them more.

In 2020 or later, we’ll see more augmented reality environment. Examples of augmented reality is showing of cricket match scores, or news channels headlines or news section, etc. Virtual reality will be often seen on movies or entertainment fields. Many movies use Virtual as well as augmented reality as a Mixed Reality.


Blockchain cryptocurrency will improve the global chain supply in 2020 or later. By the end of 2019, block chain introduces enterprise level of applications and security features. This results in an increase of blockchain trade in the businesses. It’s becoming the core of business industries as average business earns $30,000 a month by it. Blockchain also plays an important role in the internet of things through secure decentralization. It also helps in next-generation wireless networks by high security and reliability.

Blockchain has introduced a New technology 2020 called as decentralization and implemented digital currencies. The currencies include bitcoin, lio coin, etc.

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