Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning
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Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning – 60 Tricks

Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning

Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning, I know you just started your Blogging Career, You have already completed. Your Google AdSense Requirements to get Approval, and you have successfully Got approval.

If you have not got Approval then. I already write an article on AdSense Approval Trick 2020. You can also write this article to get approval. It may be helpful for you. And you have not got success, You’re earning from Google Adsense is very less.

Increase Google AdSense Revenue

If you have already read many articles on Trick to increase AdSense Earning. But you don’t have to get an organic trick to increase your AdSense earning.

Then you visited our website. In Sha Allah, this article will be very helpful for you to increase your AdSense earnings from the website. If you don’t know what is Blogging, What is Google AdSense, What is SEO, then you can explore our website, To also know more about it? Let’s start the game.
Hi, Everyone My name is Muhammad Haseeb. Today in this article I will fully explain to you. How you can increase your Google AdSense Earning. I hope this article will be very helpful or you, So please guys read the entire article. Don’t miss any step. Today in this article I told you all about Google AdSense and blogger.

Here I do not write any word about WordPress or any other platform. But you can also use these all tricks on your WordPress website. I shared some of my personal used methods to increase AdSense earning. It may be working for you. So read the entire article carefully without skipping any paragraph or step. Did you like this article “Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning“, Tell us in the commention section.

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  • Tricks to Increase Your AdSense Earning.

  • My Personal method to increase AdSense earning.


Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning

On our website. TechyPakistan, We have already written a lot of articles related to Blogging, SEO and Google AdSense, I already write an article about how you can increase your website traffic and can increase your earnings,

You can also use this. Today I write article Tricks to increase AdSense Earning.

Google does not work the same for all its users. everyone has their own Google AdSense Account And has their own CPC, CTR, CPM, and RPM. So Google AdSense earning depend on their Keywords and on their Google AdSense Account.

Keep it in your mind. Don’t think if Google Adsense paying more than you to another user, then also pay you more. Always focus on your website and on your traffic. 

Organic way to increase earning

Many People do not do experiments to increase their earnings. They fear that if they do any experiment may be their AdSense Account suspend. Our suggestion is that keep doing experiments on your Google AdSense and Website (not on primary).

 hope you already listen to that. Learn by Doing experiments is more efficient than learning with watching is listening. So follow this. and Keep doing Experiments. Don’t fear, here are some important steps that you should follow to increase your AdSense earning. I hope you’ll share this article “Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning” with your friends.

The All tricks I told you below or all facilities that, I told you below, All are officially provided by Google AdSense. I think you don’t already know these things to increase AdSense earning. Don’t fear that these tricks may be harmful to your Google AdSense Account. 

Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning

My Personal Trick to Increase AdSense Earning. 

  1. Choose a high CPC niche for your website.
  2. Always try to target the high CPC country traffic for your website like the USA, Canada, etc.
  3. Keyword research for high CPC for your upcoming article.
  4. Always put the Google AdSense Ads at the top and the bottom of your post.
  5. You should always try to put 3 Ads in your post. (If post length is less than 1000+ words).
  6. Never thing about earning always focus on your website/traffic.
  7. Use ads between your posts on the homepage of your website. (text+image ads).
  8. Use a Maximum of three to four ads on your website homepage.
  9. Try to Remove the Low CPC ads from your Google AdSense Account.
  10. Create Text+Image ads for your website’s homepage.
  11. Try to create only Links+Text ads for your website as on my this post.
  12. Customize the Google Adsense ads manually such as Colour, Size, etc.
  13. Match your Ads color and font with your website text color and fonts.
  14. Always try to use vertical ads on your website homepage.
  15. Use horizontal ads in your posts.
  16. Don’t do ads stuffing in your post.
  17. Use the Website’s Content Matched ads. (You can turn on Content Matched Ads during creating an ad unit).
  18. Use the Minimum one Image+Text ad in your post.
  19. Don’t put ads anywhere in your post. (Learn arrangement of an ad in the post).
  20. Always do new things & Do experiments.
  21. Don’t use borders on your ads. (Hide it manually),
  22. After placing your ads in the post, Check is your ads are visible.
  23. Focus on your Traffic, not on Earnings
  24. Use the AMP feature of Google AdSense on your website.
  25. Remove the limited low CPC ads from your AdSense.
  26. Provide Organic and Unique Content.
  27. Do proper OFF-Page SEO of your post.
  28. Don’t use multiple Google AdSense account on a single device.
  29. Use Different Devices/Browsers to manage your AdSense Accounts.
  30. Don’t use common words in your content.
  31. Attach a YouTube Channel and Turn on YouTube Partner Programm.
  32. Publish your content/post at a constant time.
  33. Don’t Publish your post at random time.
  34. Don’t use Multiple ads network on your website.
  35. Use Adsense as a primary Ad network on your website.
  36. If you wrote a lengthy content then try to put ads in the Middle section on your website.
  37. Do proper Off-Page SEO of your post.
  38. Do Social sharing of your newly published post. (Avoid WhatsApp {Due to your haters}).
  39. Don’t get Invalid Traffic for your website.
  40. Avoid sharing your website on spammed websites.
  41. Don’t say your friends that “Please click on ads”.
  42. Try to get Traffic Organically.
  43. Focus on your article ranking.
  44. Create ads unit according to your niche.
  45. Make sure your CTR is less than 10%. (Click Through Rate).
  46. Make sure your AdSense account’s CPC is high. (It dependence of your earning from AdSense).
  47. Attach Google Analytics with your website
  48. Attach Google Analytics with your Google AdSense to check your Website analytics.
  49. Publish Your content constantly.
  50. Filter your Adsense Ads.
  51. Optimize your Posts on a daily base (It maybe increase your ranking).
  52. Use Limited ads on a single post.
  53. Use active ads on your post.
  54. Place the most trending ads in your Google AdSense account.
  55. Use Google AdSense Ads policies.
  56. Use Responsive ads at the homage of the website.
  57. Use high CPC and Low competition LSI Keywords.,
  58. Use Google Custom Search as a search bar on your website.
  59. Also, Turn on Auto ads from your Adsense account.
  60. Daily Analyze your Google Adsense performance.
  61. That was the Tricks to Increase AdSense Earning


So, Guys that was some Trick to Increase AdSense Earning. That may be helpful fo you’re to increase your AdSense earning. Hope you liked it. If you have any question related to Blogging, SEO, Google AdSense, etc.
Then please comment below.
I always try to reply to your comments. In Future, I maybe update this list of 60 Tricks into 100+. So bookmark it, and come back again after some days. Then it may be updated.

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