What is coronavirus? How does it started?

What is coronavirus? How are its Symptoms? COVID-19?

What is Corona Virus?

Do you want to know What is coronavirus? Coronavirus is a disease that is actually caused by a new Virus.

It is contagious and can be infected from one person to another even through indirect contact. The disease was initially identified in Wuhan City of China in the year 2019 which further grew into a global pandemic.

Coronavirus spreads to others through droplets coming out of the human body, I-e droplets when people sneeze, cough, or in the form of sweat. In order to fight this virus and prevent its spread, there are things we need to know it completely.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease that happens due to Corona Virus is called COVID-19 Dieses.

What do COVID 19 Stands for?

COVID-19 Stands for Corona Virus Disease of 2019. In-dept COVID-19 Full meanings are, CO stands for Corona, Vi Stands for Virus, D stands for Disease, and 19 Stands for 2019 Fully it is called COVID-19. because his virus was started in 2019.

How Corona Virus started

A virus which has shaken the world from its base, and has seized economical progress of many countries around the globe thinking about this we’ve all been asking ourselves this question “How coronavirus started”.

How does Corona Virus Spread?

On Dec 31, 2019, World health organization heard about the number of pneumonia cases that were occurring in Wuhan city of China. In response to this china, government-imposed lockdowns and quarantine in Wuhan and its surrounding cities. Several cases started to emerge and the situation started grew and after several developments, we have the current situation in front of us.

What are the coronavirus symptoms?

It is essential for us to know the symptoms of this virus in order to detect this virus at its early stages and to the best of our ability preventing the spread of the virus to others.

It is written on the World health organization website that people may take 1-14 days before symptoms start to show. Commonly the symptoms that affect a person in COVID-19 are fever, tiredness and dry cough. If you think someone around you is suffering from similar symptoms or you feel these symptoms in yourself, it is best to visit a nearby hospital and let a doctor check you up.

Though the virus is contagious it has a recovery percentage of more than 80% so don’t panic or fear it too much. All you need to do is care!

How to protect ourselves from the Corona Virus?

Since we all know coronavirus is contagious and can be infected from one person to another. The virus can live on different surfaces for hours and wait for another host to come in contact with the virus.
So to defend ourselves from viruses having such an affinity to infect. We can take the number of preventive measures against coronavirus. By taking these preventive measures we all can prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and help ourselves and others around us to live another pleasant day.

The best prevention of coronavirus to regularly wash your hands. The virus dies when we wash our hands which ends the process of spreading coronavirus any further. It is recommended that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or otherwise use hand sanitizer for a quicker solution.

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You should also concentrate on staying on your home and don’t meet your friends and family for a period until we hopefully get a vaccine or other permanent solution to this virus. This makes your home your personal quarantine which prevents any infected person to come into contact with you. Thus your house becomes the safest heaven for you.

How to treat ourselves from Corona Virus?

Use masks and gloves when you go out to pick up your groceries and stuff. Take care that you don’t shake hands don’t grab surfaces directly. keep a sanitizer in your pocket and use it to disinfect the surfaces you need to touch anyway.

Try sneezing and coughing on tissues or at least prevent these practices in open or populated areas. Try cleaning surfaces regularly and try not to come in contact with the people who have any kind of glue or symptoms that resembles COVID-19. Suggest them to visit the nearby doctor or hospital for a checkup.

At the end of the day, the best preventive way of coronavirus is to keep good and healthy hygiene and you won’t even notice yourself doing anything different than your daily routine.

You should avoid traveling to places and keep your self confined to your house and rooms. Wait for the pandemic to settle and pray until then for a solution or vaccine to this virus to come out. And for the most important part “Don’t Panic” as per the WHO website many cases have been identified which were asymptomatic to this virus which means the virus doesn’t affect them. And 80% of the affected people survive.

Coronavirus Statistics

CoronaVirus Today’s new Cases

Coronavirus spread more than 6 lac in around 200 countries of the world. (These stats are taken on 28-03-2020). Out of this, around 27,000 died due to this virus. More than 133,000 recovered from it. It is taken by Worldometter.com 

CoronaVirus Today’s Deaths

Topmost countries with coronavirus are:

What is coronavirus? How does it started?

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