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YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version 15.05.54 – Download Apk

YouTube Vanced Application Latest Version

Are you looking for a source where you can Download YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version? Then you are on the right website to know about this App.

YouTube Vanced is an application like YouTube that allows you to play YouTube videos with some extra features which are not available on YouTube. This App is also allowed to Stream on YouTube directly.

This is the application that is the same as the Official Youtube Application. But YouTube Vanced Application has some additional features as compared to YouTube Application.

These all features that are available in this application will not work on your Downloaded YouTube Videos. Also, keep in mind that this application does not a crack version. It is the full latest version of the YouTube Vanced Application. That you can download from our website right now for free. Thie application doesn’t have some features you can say that this application has unlimited features. That surely you’ll like it.

YouTube Vanced Main Features

Three Main Features of YouTube Vanced Application
I want to tell you an amazing feature of this application That is OP. I’m also going to install this application on my android mobile just because of this awesome feature that is called Background Video play. When you play a Youtube video and if you press back button your video suddenly stopped even your YouTube is working in the background process. But in YouTube Vanced Application.

When you’ll play a video and press the back button. Then your video will not be stopped. You’ll keep listing vide music. I love this feature of this application. And you can easily Download YouTube Vanced Latest Version from this website.

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The second grand feature of this application is that Ad Blocker. This Application offers you to play YouTube videos without ads. You can see that this application is also an ad-blocker for Youtube videos.

As compared to the original youtube video doesn’t allow you to do this. This is also a massive feature of this application. And while installing this application on your mobile phone. You do not require any root you can install this application on non-rooted devices. Simply download this application from our website and install it as you install other applications.

The third feature of this application is called PIP mode. PIP stands for Picture in Picture mode. This mode of any application can play Vides on other applications. You can say that you can also watch YouTube videos while using Other Application and YouTube Vanced Application work on the top of other applications. And the other features are given below.

Info of YouTube Vanced Application

Application Size:
Last Updates:
Developers of YouTube Vanced Application:-
Team Vanced
Official website
Supported Devices
Up to 5.4 Android version
Current version

Features of YouTube Vanced App

1) Video play in the background
2) Block all the ads in YouTube
3) Full Resolution Override
4) Automatic video play
5) Zoom in the option is available
6) Choose the speed and resolution of the video
7) Picture in Picture (PIP) Option is available

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