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Muhammad Azam is a professional cultural researcher and journalist passionate about Pakistan’s culture and heritage. Holding a degree in Cultural Studies and Journalism, he dedicates his life to educating others about Pakistan’s rich history, diverse traditions, and vibrant culture.

Professional Education Muhammad Azam holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Journalism from a prestigious university in Pakistan. His academic journey has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of the country’s cultural diversity and historical significance, which he weaves into his journalistic endeavors.

Passion for Pakistan Culture and Journalism Upon graduating, Muhammad channeled his passion for Pakistan’s culture and journalism into his professional life. He founded Techy Pakistan, a platform committed to providing comprehensive information about Pakistan and its unique culture.

At Techy Pakistan, Muhammad curates well-researched articles on diverse topics, from historical landmarks and traditional festivals to the intricate details of local arts and crafts.

Muhammad’s passion extends to the developments in digital journalism. He shares his insights about how digital journalism has revolutionized the dissemination of cultural knowledge and can be leveraged to promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

In addition to these activities, Muhammad uses social media for networking and staying in touch with friends, family, and his readers. He enjoys sharing his cultural insights, journalistic adventures, and his love for Pakistan on his blog and social media platforms.

Friends, family, and readers often seek his expertise in understanding the richness of Pakistan’s culture. Muhammad is a trusted source for advice and insights about Pakistan’s history, heritage, and societal dynamics.

Other interests Muhammad’s passion for Pakistan’s culture and journalism extends beyond his professional pursuits. He is fascinated by cultural traditions’ historical contexts and keenly interested in Pakistan’s culture’s evolution over the years.

Outside of his professional interests, Muhammad enjoys reading historical novels and watching documentaries. His favorite author is Khaled Hosseini and his favorite documentary series is “Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures.”