How to Get Free WIFI at Home
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How to Get Free WIFI at Home – 2020

Are you looking for a way How to Get Free WIFI at Home? Here, We have the ultimate guide for you about getting free WIFI at home for free.

How to get free wifi at home

As time passes and new technologies are introduced, wifi has become an important part of our daily life. Every day, we use wifi to connect to our friends, to educate, communicate and get entertained from it. Hence, wifi connectivity among different locations is important to access such applications. Unfortunately, wifi networks are not free to use in normal cases and are protected with encrypted security. You’ll need the owner’s permission of the network to use it.

Don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you with some of the useful methods on How to get free wifi at home legally.

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It doesn’t matter that you are in the office or school, you can use the wifi for free easily. Follow the instructions in the article for how to get free wifi at home.

Get free wifi at home

Use WiFi Scanning Apps for free wifi at home

There are tons of networks that are not visible by normal wifi scanners. You need special software to scan the hidden wifi networks and use them to connect to the internet.

WiFi scanning apps come with a large database of free hidden networks that can be easily accessible in your area. You don’t need the password to access some of the hidden networks near you. Some of the useful apps are mentioned below.

WiFi Mapper Free WIFI

WiFi mapper is all in one wifi scanning app that scans free wifi and hidden networks as well. Free wifi is such networks that are openly available to use by the owners. Where hidden wifi networks are not easily accessible without the application.

This useful software notifies you whenever a free or open hidden wifi is available near you all you need is to turn on notifications. It also tells the signals of the networks and connectivity such as the speed of the network. You can also share your network with the users near you using WiFi Mapper.

Free WIFI using Avast WiFi Finder

Avast is the leading industrial free antivirus software that often comes with a free WiFi finder feature. It allows its users to search for free wifi near them just like WiFi Mapper. Avast WiFi Finder has one of the largest databases of free wifi networks than anyone else. Hence, Avast WiFi Finder is more ideal to use than a WiFi mapper.

Free WiFi by popular areas

There are many cafeterias, restaurants, and stores nearby that offer free WiFi. You are free to use them as long as you are there. The goal of the owners is to facilitate their users during shopping, lunch or using their stores. It also helps them to attain more clients by sharing wifi.


Libraries are always the best place to use free WiFi as 90%+ of Libraries offers free WiFi so the students can get educate more. However, the password can be found by the Librarian or one of the students there. Library’s wifi is faster than others because the usage is between downloading eBooks and reading articles by the students. It is reliable and free to use by anyone sitting in the library or reading some books. Did you like How to Get Free WIFI at Home?


As discussed before, local stores offer free wifi to its users during shopping or visiting their stores. It helps them increase the popularity of their store by more and more people. Many people spend more time shopping, so its good to offers them free wifi so they can stay longer by entertaining a bit with free wifi.

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