How to use Link Ads on Website
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How to use Link Ads on Website – Easily 2020

How to use Link Ads on Website

How to use Link Ads on Website, I know you are a blogger and you are getting a small little revenue per day from Google AdSense. And, you re very worried about it how you can increase your revenue from Google AdSense. Then, there I have a massive way to increase your revenue. And I think you already know that You can easily increase your Click on Google AdSense using Link Ads.

But, I know now, you’ll say that I don’t have links ads option in my Google AdSense. Since 2019 Google AdSense did not allow Link Ads Option in new Google AdSense accounts. You can increase your Clicks on Adsense ads by using Link Ads. I hope you know that Google Pays you on per click called CPC (Cost per click).  And Linka ds are very user-friendly and responsive to the website.

Today in this article. I will tell you How to use Link Ads on Website from Google Adsense. So, Stay connected with us and read this article till the end. And, I hope that you’ll like today’s article. And, I also hope that this article will be helpful for you to increase your clicks and increase your Adsense revenue. Because many users click on Link Ads. These ads are very responsive & user-friendly.  As you can see below pictures.

Why we should use link ads on our website?

If you are using Link Ads on your website then that’s great for you. If you are not using it because your AdSense is newly approved that doesn’t contain Link Ads option. I already told you that the Link ads are very user-friendly and revenue between the content. And there don’t take to much space. Link Ads show in a text form in black color. These ads don’t contain an image that’s very great for users.

Users may click on ads as They will think that these Links are the part of this website. Then, they clicked on Ads and you’ll receive click in Adsense account. And your revenue from Adsense will increase. As you can see below how the link ads are very responsive.How to use link ads on website

What are the benefits to use Link Ads

There are many benefits of using Link Ads that are countless. But, the First benefit of using Link ads on your website is “Increase your revenue from AdSense”. Because link ads can increase your Click and AdSense Revenue is depended on the Clicks are known Cost per Click (CPC).

The second benefit of using link ads your website is responsive These ads are very responsive to your content. These ads show in the text and they cannot disturb a user. That’s why ill always recommends that. If you re going to use ads between your content post then, Please use Link Ads between the content post.

The third benefit of using link ads on your website is Content matched ads. If you are using Link Ads then I hope you noticed that the link ads that are showing in your content are content-related. All link ads will always show content matched ads in your content. The other ads show based on user interest called Interest-Based Ads.

How to Enable Link Ads in new AdSense Accounts

There are some simple steps to create & use link ads on your website. For more information, you can watch the YouTube Video below. Let’s start, How to use Link Ads on Website:-

First of all, I want to show that there is no Link Ads option in my AdSense account. As shown in the below image.

How to Enable Link Ads in new AdSense Accounts

Step 1:- Login to your AdSense Account. Go to your AdSense account, then Go to your Ads>Overview>By Ad Unit> Then Click on any Ad unite format and create a new ad unit that you’ll use for link ads. I’ll recommend you to use In-Article Ads Unit for Link Ads.

Because it’s a very responsive ad unit for using between the content. As shown in Image do the same thing. I marked step 1 to step last in the image. Did you like this How to use Link Ads on Website?

Link Ads unit in AdSense

Step 2:- Now, you have to give a name to your ad unit. Then, if you want to do some changes in the ad unit you can do such as Color customization It’s your choice. And then click on Save and Get Code Button. Click on I’ve Finished button. As shown in Image. Then copy the Ad unit that you have created. Paste this ad unit code in any Document or text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, MS word, etc.

Step 3:- Now, you pasted the ad unit in any notepad. Then, you need to search there ad format that will be shown as, data-ad-format=”fluid”. This is the original format of your ad unit. Now, you need to enter link instead of fluid there like this, data-ad-format=”link“. Or you can see how I do that. If you still did not understand watch the image or watch the video.

how to show link ads in your website

Now, Copy this edited unit and use anywhere in your website article or in the homepage, etc. Now, Use this link ad unit and enjoy it. That was for the today guys hope you liked it.

How to use Link Ads on Website


That was for today guys, And that was the trick that. I was using in my website to show link ads from new AdSense accounts. That was my method How to use Link Ads on the Website. If you have any other way to show link ads then please leave the method in the comment section. And You can use this Trick on any AdSense account old or new.

And there is no danger to use these edited link ads on your website from Google AdSense. Don’t worry and use Link Ads. take care, Allah Hafiz. If you missed any step then that may do not work for you. and if this trick did not work for you. Then leave a comment. I’ll try to find a new way to use Link Ads.

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