Why did TikTok conquer the Internet?

With more than one billion daily active users, TikTok is one of the largest and most up-to-date social platforms in the world. But why has this once-unknown app seemingly competed with Instagram and other titans overnight?

To answer this question, TikTok itself asked Nielsen to find out the secret to the platform’s success as part of a survey. The survey had more than 8,000 participants who answered questions about the content of the platform. The results of the survey provide an insight into why TikTok has become a cultural, international phenomenon.

Let’s see what the survey revealed.



Users feel that TikTokon can be themselves, which can contribute to the popularity of the platform. According to the survey,
64% of respondents feel that they have actually been themselves at TikTok.
• 56% say they can upload videos to TikTok that they can’t.
• 53% trust others to give themselves on TikTok.


When asked to match TikTok content with flags, users used the words “authentic,” “real,” “unfiltered,” and “trend-setting”.

These reviews also extend to TikTok ads, which respondents say are true, unique, and fun.



According to the survey, TikTok content cheers users up, and if anything, we’ve been in dire need of more fun over the past few years.

As it turned out, 31% of responding users marked the “cheer” option as one of the top three reasons they return to the platform on a regular basis.

In contrast, Facebook has also been featured in international news for proven bad effects on mental health.



Users feel that TikTokon can see content that is not available elsewhere. While Facebook can all encounter the same content on Instagram and Twitter, they can always discover something new on TikTok.
According to statistics,
• 79% of users find TikTok content unique or “different”.
• 68% say TikTok ads are different than any other similar platform.
• 60% (internationally, excluding the US) say they also follow brands on TikTok.
• 52% say they also search for or buy products on the platform.
• 85% discover new content on TikTok that they like.


One of the biggest benefits of TikTok is that its users feel part of a cohesive community.
This is well demonstrated, among other things, by the viral challenges that are spreading like wildfire among users.
TikTok also makes it easy for users to create new videos for their profile using other people’s content, which can also strengthen the relationships between them.
According to the survey,
• 59% of users feel part of a community when they are on TikTok.
• 77% say TikTok is a place where they can express themselves openly.
• 84% tend to find content that they can identify with.
• 70% would recommend the platform to others.
• 77% say they read TikTok video posts.


TikTok is therefore seen by users as a place where they can be themselves and (within the rules of the platform) openly express themselves.

The data clearly suggest that TikTok is a positive community. People like to spend time on the platform, they like the content and they like to read the opinions of others as well.

No wonder brands can emerge in a more positive light in front of their audiences in these circumstances.

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